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Personal Fitness Training, fitness Classes, Military Style Bootcamps, and Meditaion

                                Feel intimidated when going to the gym?

                                Fed up of not being able to use the equipment?

                                Sick of trying fad diets that don’t work?

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Please be aware due to the current Pandemic We are following Covid-19 Government guidelines, Please contact us for further information and availability of Health and Fitness services.

Our Services

Personal Fitness Training, Military Style Bootcamps, Fitness classes and Meditation West Midlands

Tailored one-to-one Personal training sessions in our private Gym

Just Imagine ...
having all the equipment laid out ready for you to use no waiting around for 'your turn'
No-one watching making you feel uncomfortable or intimidated!
sound good?
We invite you to come meet us and see the gym for yourself while we chat and discuss your personal health and fitness goals. Together we develop a realistic plan that fits in with your lifestyle , taking into account any existing health concerns, your normal diet and your preferred way to exercise. We then combine everything together to create a plan that you can not only stick with but enjoy! We are confident that after every session, you leave us feeling good about yourself and your personal progress!


Small group and private Meditation classes

In need of an escape? Some time to yourself to catch your breath and calm your mind?
Meditation could be what your looking for
We offer private Meditation Sessions where we guide you through various types of Meditation that suit your needs, while teaching you how to continue the practice in the comfort of your own home.
Alternatively join one of our small friendly classes in your local area for some much deserved relaxation and chilled time.

group training classes

Group fitness classes

Love the energy of a group class?
Then join us for
Feel Strong ... free weights, body weight, cardio, strength and endurance training all set to high energy music keeping you motivated and driven as we burn calories, build lean muscle and increase strength and Stamina.
Feel Balanced ... moderate cardio and body weight exercise class finished off with a sprinkling of flexibility and a tiny resetting meditation
Feel Energised ... Back to the 'good old days' as we go old school aerobics. Get your heart racing and your body jumping as we burn calories and shape our body 80's style! ... leg warmers optional 😉
Feel Complete ... Three classes in one. Hit training to increase cardiovascular fitness, and shape and strengthen your body followed by Yoga to elongate the muscles, flush out toxins and aid flexibility Finishing with a deeply relaxing Meditation leaving your Mind and Body feeling completely connected and at ease!


Do you just love being outside feeling energised by the fresh air?
Join Us for our Military Style Bootcamps, inspired by an Ex forces Personal Trainer.
Increase your Cardiovascular endurance, build strength and stamina, burn calories and sculpt your body the good old fashioned way!
Using your own body weight, grit and determination as we encourage you to complete each carefully planned session aimed at achieving the best results possible, leaving you feeling strong, energised and confident in your own ability!

Personal Change isn't comfortable, but neither is being unhealthy and unhappy! ...
- unknown

look Good...Feel Good!

Personal Fitness Training, tailored programes and advise, mediation, Group exercise classes, private gym ... You can choose to either Pay as you go, block book a set amount of personal training sessions or alternatively ask us about our monthly packages.

Complete Health & Training Programe to support you as you reach your goals!

Walsall Wood, Lichfield, Aldridge and surrounding areas